Fixing XWayland HiDPI scaling

Alex Bujorianu lxbujorianu at
Thu Nov 11 13:03:14 GMT 2021

The current status of XWayland applications in both Gnome and KDE 
Wayland implementations leaves something to be desired, especially with 
regards to HiDPI scaling. Currently, all XWayland clients are upscaled 
by the compositor, which produces horribly blurry results for many 
popular applications like Jetbrains IDEs, any Wine/Proton game, and some 
common Electron apps like Discord and Teams. Those same programs are 
able to scale just fine on a straight X session. There is already an AUR 
package that contains the necessary patches for XWayland on Sway: Indeed a similar fix 
was implemented two years ago in this merge request:

Until this situation is fixed, the KDE Wayland session is not usable for 
me, and I would not be able to recommend running a Wayland session to a 
new Linux user. Because of this, I would have to tell any potential user 
with a mixed DPI setup to stick with Windows or Mac OS until these 
display issues get ironed out.

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