Shall we condense the bots' commit announcements

Frederik Schwarzer schwarzer at
Wed May 26 01:59:23 BST 2021


I would not object to this change. Maybe keep the longer versions in 

Another thought I had was that GIT_SILENT messages could be omitted. 
Maybe also worth considering?


On 5/25/21 11:25 PM, Nate Graham wrote:
> Hello all,
> Recently we removed the commit announcement bots from the #plasma and 
> #kwin chatrooms because we felt their output was too noisy. However for 
> the rooms where they are still active and announcing git commits, would 
> people appreciate it if the announcements were shorter?
> For example, instead of sending 5 messages (title, first three lines, 
> and URL) the announcement could send one message (something like title 
> and URL combined).
> Would anyone object to this change?
> Nate

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