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Jos van den Oever jos at
Thu Jul 29 23:06:57 BST 2021

On Wednesday, 21 July 2021 20:50:57 CEST Ben Cooksley wrote:
> I'm afraid the native formats of OnlyOffice are the Microsoft Office format
> files - which is also the format they work with internally.
> It therefore doesn't allow changing the default file extension it will try
> to create.

This means that ODF files would be at severe disadvantage because they'd be 
converted from ODT to DOCX when loading and back to ODT when saving. This 
conversion is always lossy.

(In my opinion a good editor should not convert files but edit them without 
converting them but that's not what is practice in any office suite.)

KDE is (passive) member of the ODF technical committee at OASIS and Calligra 
uses ODF as it's standard file format. KDE was one of the initiators of the ODF 
file format.

'The Document Foundation' which develops LibreOffice is on the KDE advisory 

So using DOCX as a default is a bad look for KDE.

Disclaimer: I've worked for years on ODF and Calligra and so I'm biased.

Regards to the experience of editing on (S) versus (C). For me initial loading of S is much faster, but 
scrolling is faster in C. Searching is much nicer in S which gives live 
scrolling to the hits. C has a bit nicer font choices in the UI.
Typing in S has a bit of a delay, but that might be improved on the new 
install. Typing in C is not that fluid either.

I personally have not used either in anger and am unlikely to on this 
instance, so for *practical* editing and blockers, you can discount my 

Best regards,
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