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Sat Jul 24 01:28:45 BST 2021

On Sat, 24 Jul 2021, 11:22 am Jeff Huang, <s8321414 at> wrote:

> Hi,
> For me, I still like Collabora Online or like more, and it seems Nextcloud
> and Collabora Online (why not use CODE?) are not both latest.
> Also OnlyOffice is very slow for me...

Sorry but your experience doesn't match with that of others I've spoken
with - while OnlyOffice does take a bit longer to initially load the typing
responsiveness is substantially better ( and the delta only gets bigger
when you start adding multiple people editing and images in there)

As for CODE - It is the same thing as Collabora Online, just limited by the
fact you have to run Docker.

> Regards,
> Jeff


> Ben Cooksley <bcooksley at> 於 2021年7月24日 週六 上午6:55 寫道:
>> On Sat, Jul 24, 2021 at 10:53 AM Jeff Huang <s8321414 at> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Well, can't we switch back to Collabora Online or something else that
>>> use ODF as native file format?
>> Please compare the experience you see on against
>> before continuing down that line of inquiry.
>> uses Collabora Online currently.
>>> Regards,
>>> Jeff
>> Regards,
>> Ben
>>> Ben Cooksley <bcooksley at> 於 2021年7月22日 週四 上午2:51 寫道:
>>>> On Thu, Jul 22, 2021 at 4:22 AM Noah Davis <noahadvs at> wrote:
>>>>> Thank you for doing this!
>>>>> I noticed that new documents created from the new file menu button use
>>>>> Microsoft Office formats (e.g., docx, xlsx). Can you swich the default
>>>>> formats to OpenDocument formats?
>>>> I'm afraid the native formats of OnlyOffice are the Microsoft Office
>>>> format files - which is also the format they work with internally.
>>>> It therefore doesn't allow changing the default file extension it will
>>>> try to create.
>>>> (With regards to ODF editing it warns that there may be some fidelity
>>>> issues)
>>>> You can however override the extension when creating and it will
>>>> happily respect that.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Ben
>>>>> On Wed, Jul 21, 2021 at 7:36 AM Ben Cooksley <bcooksley at>
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>> >
>>>>> > Good morning community,
>>>>> >
>>>>> > As some of you will be aware, the current Nextcloud instance we
>>>>> operate has a number of performance issues which sometimes result in data
>>>>> loss.
>>>>> >
>>>>> > To resolve this as well as improve the overall collaborative editing
>>>>> experience we're able to offer, i'm pleased to introduce a replacement
>>>>> Nextcloud instance which you can find at
>>>>> >
>>>>> > Main changes to note here are the switch away from KDE Identity to
>>>>> MyKDE for authentication, as well as the switch to using OnlyOffice for
>>>>> document editing. We hope that these changes will solve the majority of the
>>>>> user experience issues we have had with In particular
>>>>> we expect the performance issues and data loss problems that accompanied
>>>>> them to be fully resolved, as they were caused by severe defects in the
>>>>> LDAP implementation in Nextcloud which they have not corrected more than a
>>>>> year after we brought them to their attention.
>>>>> >
>>>>> > It would be appreciated if you could please all test this
>>>>> installation over the coming week and let us know of any issues you
>>>>> encounter. Once this test phase has been completed we plan to migrate the
>>>>> contents of all group shared folders over from to the
>>>>> new system.
>>>>> >
>>>>> > Please note that once we have migrated everything over all existing
>>>>> shared links will unfortunately be broken. This is a result of how the LDAP
>>>>> support in Nextcloud works which makes it difficult to switch to a
>>>>> different method of user login for those accounts. While we investigated
>>>>> options to migrate this over, extremely poor communication from the vendor
>>>>> frustrated all attempts to transition this over cleanly and unfortunately
>>>>> requires a completely clean break to ensure we have no legacy issues
>>>>> causing problems for us in the future.
>>>>> >
>>>>> > Please let us know if you have any questions on the above.
>>>>> >
>>>>> > Thanks,
>>>>> > Ben Cooksley
>>>>> > KDE Sysadmin
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