Requesting my project named "media-downloader" to become part of KDE

.. ink .. mhogomchungu at
Thu Feb 11 14:41:32 GMT 2021

To answer a few raised concerns, i strategically did not have a word
"youtube" or "youtube-dl" in the project's name and the project
currently reads the backend executable name from a config option[1]
because i do not want to tie the project to youtube or youtube-dl.
Youtube-dl is the first supported and currently the only supported
backend and i plan to add support for more backends like wget or curl.

Yes, i am aware the UI hangs in the released version if youtube-dl(as
a current default backend) is not present or can not be executed. For
a private version of youtube-dl, the git version now runs[2]
youtube-dl to get its version on startup and the point of this is to
make sure a backend is installed and runs so this problem is known and
is being worked on.

Will do that jriddell, thank.



On Thu, Feb 11, 2021 at 5:00 PM Jonathan Riddell <jr at> wrote:
> Hi, thanks for your interest in joining KDE with your project.  We have a process called Incubator to help being in projects created outside KDE.  It's just a checklist to make sure the project uses technologies we are familiar with and communication tools we use such as Matrix and bugzilla.
> Looking at your project it would benefit from using ki18n and there's some obvious QA issues such as what running it when youtube-dl is not installed (the app just freezes for me).
> There's no legal issues I'm aware of for youtube-dl and certainly none for an app which happens to run as an external command.  Background info at
> Do give me a ping on Matrix (jriddell) if you want to get the process started.
> Jonathan
> On Fri, 5 Feb 2021 at 08:03, .. ink .. <mhogomchungu at> wrote:
>> Greetings from Tanzania,
>> I have a project named "media-downloader"[1] and i would like to have
>> it as part of KDE. The project is a simple GUI front end to youtube-dl
>> and it can be used to download any media from any website that is
>> supported by youtube-dl.
>> Thank you.
>> [1]

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