Using ES6 modules in KWin Scripts

Mikhail Zolotukhin mail at
Sun Aug 29 13:33:01 BST 2021


I want to develop a KWin Script using QML and TypeScript. Unfotunately I cannot get it to work, so that it can use the feature intoduced in ES6 standard - modules. To test this with minimal working example I did the following: I created main.qml with the following content:

```import QtQuick 2.0
import "../code/script.js" as K

Item {
    id: scriptRoot
    Component.onCompleted: {
        console.log("Starting the script");


Also I have two javascript files: script.js:

```import modu from "./mod";

function main() {
  console.log("Hello from main script!");



```export default function modu() {
  console.log("Hello from module!");
Unfortunately, I cannot get this setup to work. In KWin logs, I have nothing (No string is printed). However, if I remove the js import from QML, at least the "Starting the script" is printed.

>From what I understand, QML Javascript Engine should support modules (and ES7) according to the documentation:

> The QML runtime implements the 7th edition of the standard

I would like to ask a help from the experts of KWin: is this a KWin scripting limitation? Why no logs are printed at all? What can I do to create a KWin script with ES6 modules?
Best Regards,
Mikhail Zolotukhin
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