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Fri Aug 20 11:51:37 BST 2021

My apologies for cross-posting!

Hello everyone,

Interested in working toward environmentally friendly software and energy 
efficiency in FOSS? I would like to invite you to an online community meet-up!

Let's find a suitable date and time during the first/second week of September at 
this Dudle:

Preliminary topics for the meet-up include:

 - Presenting the FEEP/BE4FOSS projects.
 - Continuing the conversation from the BoF on energy efficiency at Akademy 2021 
 - Discussing how to measure energy consumption of software (e.g., dedicated 
measurement labs, automation, etc.).
 - Certifying FOSS/KDE software with the Blauer Engel eco-label.
 - Your ideas!

KDE Eco is the umbrella term for the two KDE programs (i) "Free & open source 
Energy Efficiency Project" (FEEP) and (ii) "Blauer Engel for Free & Open Source 
Software (BE4FOSS)". The projects aim to provide guidelines and support to 
KDE/FOSS communities in the development of eco-friendly software. This 
includes  optimization of software so it uses less energy when running, for 
example, or  so that it can run on older or less powerful hardware, thus 
generating less waste.

Work on energy efficiency in FOSS has already started:

 - The energy consumption for the KDE applications KMail, Okular, and Krita 
has been measured and analyzed.
 - KMail is currently under evaluation for Blauer Engel certification, others 
to follow soon (namely Okular).
 - KDAB is planning to open a dedicated measurement lab in Berlin, Germany.
 - Students and researchers at various universities continue working on energy 
efficiency in software.

Software efficiency means resource efficiency: let's work together to support a 
resource-efficient, free software future.

You can get involved by helping with the following:

 - Developing automation tools for measurements and analysis.
 - Getting KDAB Berlin and other community measurement labs set up.
 - Squashing 'efficiency' bugs (CPU spikes, delays, hangs, etc.).
 - Submitting your software for Blauer Engel certification.
 - Your ideas!

Looking forward to meeting many of you soon!


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Joseph P. De Veaugh-Geiss
BE4FOSS Project and Community Manager

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