Question about copyright notices

Andreas Cord-Landwehr cordlandwehr at
Wed Sep 23 18:35:26 BST 2020

On Montag, 21. September 2020 22:32:37 CEST Matthieu Gallien wrote:
> Is there some consensus as to what is best for code hosted by the KDE
> community ?

Hi, that is a good question! I cannot recall that we discussed this during the 
last decade. Anyways, there is not a documented consensus either in the 
licensing policy or in the licensing wiki. The REUSE project just says in 
their FAQ [1] that there are several options. But I think it would be good to 
have a preferred way.
Until today, I mostly saw the approach "author updated year on latest change", 
but I also know KDE projects where mass-copyright updates were done in the 

Personally, I would prefer the way Johan described: Update the year only on 
change. But that is only my opinion. What do the others think?



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