Officially adopt "Noteworthy" label into KDE policy

Nate Graham nate at
Fri Sep 18 20:40:07 BST 2020

Thanks Julian, this looks great to me!


On 9/18/20 2:05 AM, Julian / xyquadrat wrote:
> Hi all,
> A few months back I suggested on behalf of the Promo team the 
> introduction of a new label for issues and merge requests (see 
> for the thread).
> The idea behind this "Noteworthy" label was to make it easier for Promo 
> to keep up with all important new changes that are coming up in our 
> software and reduce the possibility that something noteworthy gets 
> overlooked.
> Since then, the GitLab migration has been completed and such a label has 
> actually been introduced (see 
> for an overview of Merge Requests tagged with "Noteworthy").
> Given that the technical challenge is now solved, I'd like to propose to 
> make this Noteworthy label official in the sense of adding it to the 
> "Special keywords" section of Commit Policy (if there is a more 
> appropriate place, please suggest it!) and encourage all contributors to 
> start using it.
> A few remarks:
> - Of course all contributions are noteworthy and important. Promo does 
> not want to discount the work that goes into small and unnoticeable fixes.
> - If you are not sure whether a MR or issue should be "Noteworthy" or 
> not, tag it with "Noteworthy" (-> be liberal with the label usage). 
> Promo will then consider such edge cases in detail.
> - Not all things tagged might make it into an official announcement. 
> This is (usually) not due to us overlooking them, but because we have to 
> carefully prioritize what we include. If you think something was left 
> out that should definitely have been included, reach out to us on 
> #kde-promo and we will be happy to discuss individual cases and solutions.
> *Examples of noteworthy changes:*
>   * User facing feature additions (e.g. /New useful effect added to
>     Kdenlive/)
>   * Big changes in UI (e.g. /a KCM is rewritten in QML and now looks
>     distinctively different/)
>   * Long-standing, annoying bugs (e.g. /Rework of the previously
>     bug-ridden MTP implementation in KIO/)
>   * Large technology shifts (e.g. /Port to Qt 6/)
>   * Significant performance improvements (best paired with concrete
>     numbers, but not necessary)
> *Examples of changes not considered noteworthy: *
>   * Small UX annoyances and fixes. Whilst those add up to something very
>     important, the individual changes (e.g. "more consistent padding in
>     dialogs") are not interesting to users.
>   * Shifts in technology that do not affect the behavior of the product
>     (e.g. /porting from library X version Y to library X version Y+1/)
>   * Minor changes to tools and backends used in the development process
> Feedback and criticism is much appreciated.
> Cheers and have a nice day,
> Julian / xyquadrat

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