Officially adopt "Noteworthy" label into KDE policy

Johannes Zarl-Zierl johannes at
Fri Sep 18 19:57:36 BST 2020

Hi Julian,

Thanks for taking ownership of this policy proposal!

On Freitag, 18. September 2020 10:05:47 CEST Julian / xyquadrat wrote:
> A few remarks:
> - Of course all contributions are noteworthy and important. Promo does
> not want to discount the work that goes into small and unnoticeable fixes.
> - If you are not sure whether a MR or issue should be "Noteworthy" or
> not, tag it with "Noteworthy" (-> be liberal with the label usage).
> Promo will then consider such edge cases in detail.
> - Not all things tagged might make it into an official announcement.
> This is (usually) not due to us overlooking them, but because we have to
> carefully prioritize what we include. If you think something was left
> out that should definitely have been included, reach out to us on
> #kde-promo and we will be happy to discuss individual cases and solutions.

I really like this framing. Especially the "if you're not sure, then tag it" 
part and the editorial process make it easier (at least for an introvert like 
me) to actually use it. 

> *Examples of noteworthy changes:*
>   * User facing feature additions (e.g. /New useful effect added to
>     Kdenlive/)
>   * Big changes in UI (e.g. /a KCM is rewritten in QML and now looks
>     distinctively different/)
>   * Long-standing, annoying bugs (e.g. /Rework of the previously
>     bug-ridden MTP implementation in KIO/)
>   * Large technology shifts (e.g. /Port to Qt 6/)
>   * Significant performance improvements (best paired with concrete
>     numbers, but not necessary)
> *Examples of changes not considered noteworthy: *
>   * Small UX annoyances and fixes. Whilst those add up to something very
>     important, the individual changes (e.g. "more consistent padding in
>     dialogs") are not interesting to users.
>   * Shifts in technology that do not affect the behavior of the product
>     (e.g. /porting from library X version Y to library X version Y+1/)
>   * Minor changes to tools and backends used in the development process

Detailed guidelines are so much better than the "Notify Commit Digest team of 
something interesting" in the current git commit template ;-)


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