SoK 2021: KStars, Coding: Make custom catalogs fast by putting them on a special data structure

Kwon-Young Choi kwon-young.choi at
Sat Dec 26 10:26:45 GMT 2020


I am interested in participating to the Season of Kde 2021 as a student.
After reading through the list of ideas, the coding task of KStars seems
to be the most interesting for me.

About me: My name is Kwon-Young Choi and I am a PhD student in computer
vision and I expect to finish my manuscript beginning of January.
I actually already contributed on small feature to Dolphin (the mount
iso feature) so I already have a kde identity and know how to build kde
software from source.
I have a little bit of experience in C++ and Qt although it is mostly
academic and the main programming language I used during my PhD was
Python (because of Deep Learning).

I'd like to join the SoK effort to:

* learn more about software development in the real world (with proper
issue/merge request handling)
* gain experience with C++ and Qt and data structure design
* learn about astronomy !
* further contribute to KDE !

Best regards,

Kwon-Young Choi

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