Problem with QLabel

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at
Thu May 4 18:24:22 CEST 2006

Russo Andrea schrieb:
> Hi Christian,
> Thank you for your reply.
> A testcase...
> Open the QDesigner, create a new Dialog and put on it a QLabel, then if
> you copy and paste the unicode text into the text property of the
> Qlabel there is a segmentation fault (the same into a program). 
> I have seen that the segmentation fault appear only with the text into
> the quotation marks (if I copy the only the text before the quotation
> marks no problem).
> Today I have compiled these versions with Visual c++ Express Edition +
> Windows XP SP2 + Windows Platform SDK:
> qt-win-free-3.3-2006-04-28-src.tar.bz2 
>        result => The same segmentation fault problem
> qt-win-free-3.3.4-3-src.tar.bz2 
>        result => This works fine ! No problems.
> I attach again the zip file with the unicode text.
So you have no problems displaying the arabic text in a qlabel but
copy'n'paste it into a textfield.
Ok I'll take a look :-)


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