Problems with KDE on cygwin

Konrad Denk konrad-denk at
Fri Jan 27 11:47:11 CET 2006

I habe downloaded and installed all necessary files as shown in
While starting KDE, I get the following messages displayed:
Applet Loading Error KDE Panel
First message:
The Desktop Previewer & Pager Applet could not be loaded.
Please check your installation
2nd message:
The Taskbar Applet .....
3rd message:
The System Tray Applet ....
I have to shutdown all cygwin processes manually because the
taskkill-program is not available.
xwinclip is also not available.
I used the the script as shown below:
cygserver &
export CYGWIN=server
export SHELL=/bin/bash
xwin -fullscreen -noreset &
xwinclip &
xhost +
taskkill /IM xwin
taskkill /IM xwinclip
taskkill /IM cygserver

How can I overcome the problem.
Hopefully you can help me.
Best regards and Thank You in advance
Konrad Denk
Mühlenstraße 11g
84174 Eching
+49 171 4895 439 oder +49 8709 262477
konrad-denk at <> 
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