ZIP error - Visual Studio Qt4

Alessandro Garberi agarberisoft at
Thu Jan 26 02:54:09 CET 2006

I've just downloaded the new version of  the Visual Studio patch for Qt4 
I've got troubles with the ZIP file because Winzip reports that some 
files are compressed in an unknown way. Probably you have enabled the 
new ZIP compression (better compression, but not backward compatible).
Note that I could open it with Winrar and that I had no troubles with 
the ZIPs of your previous releases.
Please, can you update the ZIP file, without using that compression method?

Winzip 7.0 (1260) test report:

> Dll: C:\Program Files\WinZip\WZ32.DLL - 22/09/1998 6.00
> Testing ...
> skipping: msvc_bcc32_41.patch     unsupported compression method 9
> skipping: patch.exe               unsupported compression method 9
> skipping: Readme41.txt            unsupported compression method 9
> testing: installpatch41.bat       OK
> testing: removepatch41.bat        OK
> No errors detected in D:/Programmini/Programmazione/Qt/Qt4 
> Install/Visual Studio GPL addons/ for the 2 files tested.
> 3 files skipped because of unsupported compression or encoding.

I hope you accept some little notes on your Readme41.txt file ;-)
Line 10: This version my not work correct with borland. We have to wait 
for C++-Builder 2006.
Probably you wanted to write "MAY" instead of "MY".
Line 13: You maybe have to modify
I think it is better to write "Maybe you have to modify" (this is only 
my opinion, I'm not english!)
Line 17, 19, 22, 24: C:\Programme\
Seen that your readme file is in english, I think it is more coherent to 
use "Program Files" (default for english Windows) instead of "Programme".
Line 14: C:\Programms\Micorsoft Visual Studio 8 
The same here for "Programms". Moreover you wrote "micORsoft" instead of 

Have a nice day and good luck for you (very useful) work!

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