Compilation Issues 2003

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at
Tue Nov 22 16:12:13 CET 2005

> Oh... sorry... I should have paid a bit more attention to what i was
> trying to type.
> In reference to the additional compiler support for QT4, I was getting
> compilation errors saying strcpy_s (in other words any function using
> the newer secure array manipulation libraries that shipped with
> msvc2005). However... i prefered to generate QT in msvc 2003.
> After going and changing the several instances of the secure functions
> in the QT source... i was finally able to generate qmake ect. Thats when
> the following message started appearing:
> "Could not determine current VC version - using 8.00"
This comes when qmake finds both compilers in the PATH variable - just set
your PATH to only one of them and you'll also be able to compile with
.net2003. Therefore I asked you not to run cmd.exe but 'Visual Studio 200x
Command Prompt'.
> After yet more changes to the source removing more of these "safe"
> functions it started producing resource compiler errors... saying it
> couldnt find "winver.h". Manually copying this file and ripping only the
> bit of the header file i needed into the directories that contained .rc
> files I finally managed to get all of QT to compile. Somehow its all
> fully functional too. Though looking back... yeah... i wasnt running the
> compiler from within the vs command prompt (though it is calling the
> correct compiler, as i set these environmental vars manaually) guess i
> should have tried that. 
When msvc2005 is used with qmakespec these stupid warnings occour.
msvc2005 qmakespec disables this warning (-wd4996).

So you real problem seems to be that you've both compilers in your PATH
variable and calling cl.exe from 2005 instead.

Also it seems you're using msvc2005 express and you don't have installed
platform sdk (express version comes without platform sdk...). See msvc2005
express version download page ->
Maybe you also simply missed to install the part where winver.h is in (but I
really don't know in which package it is located)


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