New Patch for Win98 the second

Chris January chris at
Mon Jan 31 16:03:47 CET 2005

> > > Mhhh
> > > I should attach the patch :-D
> > Just tested and things seem to be working now even without your 
> > attached patch. It would be good to tidy up as many resources as 
> > possible, however so I think some form of the patch should still be 
> > committed.
> I cleaned up the selected font yesterday (see 
> qfontdatabase_win.cpp) - maybe this was the problem.
> The patch isn't complete now - some things are done in the 
> wrong place (imho). My goal was to avoid GetDC/ReleaseDC as 
> much as possible and I think this looks good.
> Only on exit I see some leaks. This isn't a problem on w2k 
> and higher, but don't know how win9x likes this.
Ah - I just noticed today that menus on Win98 are using the wrong font.

Leaks on exit are fine on Win9x.

I'm also seeing lots of other glitches on WinXP and Win98 such as windows
created outside their parents, etc., rendering problems, windows not getting
erased and sometimes wrong font selected.


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