Compiling postgresql plugin win32

Peter Kümmel syntheticpp at
Sun Jan 30 15:46:04 CET 2005

AgarFu wrote:
 > Can any body explain to me where are declarations of this methods?
 > QPSQLDriver::win32_open(db, user, password, host, port)
 > QPSQLDriver::open(db, user, password, host, port)
 > QPSQLDriver::win32_open(db, user, password, host, port,  connOpts)
 > QPSQLDriver::open(db, user, password, host, port, connOpts)

Are your src/sql/drivers/psql files up to date?

In qsq_psql.h from cvs there is the declaration:

class Q_EXPORT_SQLDRIVER_PSQL QPSQLDriver : public QSqlDriver
     bool open( const QString & db,
                const QString & user = QString::null,
                const QString & password = QString::null,
                const QString & host = QString::null,
                int port = -1 );
     // ### remove me for 4.0
     bool open( const QString& db,
                const QString& user,
                const QString& password,
                const QString& host,
                int port,
                const QString& connOpts );

And I can't find nowhere a win32_open function?


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