Qt3/Win Free: qtoolbar problem?

Angus Leeming leeming at lyx.org
Fri Jan 21 18:47:00 CET 2005

Peter Kümmel wrote:
>> here's my second little bug report. Actually, I'm not sure that this is
>> a bug report at all. Perhaps what I'm going to describe is actually an
>> example of the difference between native looks on Windows and linux?
> A first patch is now in the cvs repository. The disabled toolbar looks
> on my system (win2k) like the attached png.
> I don't know if this is the complete solution, but it's better than
> nothing.

Indeed. Actually, zooming in on the disabled_on_linux image that I posted
(second post in this thread), it looks like the complete solution is to
extend the dark grey to cover everything except the white line.

HTH and many thanks,

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