QT 3/Win Free

Angus Leeming leeming at lyx.org
Wed Jan 19 09:46:04 CET 2005

Christian Ehrlicher wrote:

>> For drawing table cell boundaries, LyX sets the style of a QPen in the
>> following way:
>>   QPen pen = ...;
>>   pen.setColor("LightSteelBlue");
>>   pen.setStyle(QPen:DotLine);
>>   pen.setWidth(0);
>> As a result, a thin blue dotted line should be drawn when using this
>> pen. But instead, a black (sometimes red) solid line is draw (the color
>> may depend on former drawing operations).
> I've attached a small patch to fix this problem. It happens because
> ExtCreatePen can't create pens with a width of 0.

My first thought when looking at your patch was Wow! Don't you just love it
when a patch fixes a bug and at the same time consigns 142 lines to the
waste bin of history?

I now see that most of the 'fix' is actually the removal of commented out
X11 code and that the actual fix is one line setting the pen width. 
Nonetheless, well done and thank you for tracking this down.

Having said that, I'd be cautious about removing the X11 code if you
(collective you) haven't yet implemented the equivalent functionality.


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