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Holger Schroeder holger-kde at
Sun Jan 16 12:36:58 CET 2005

On Saturday 15 January 2005 23:17, Ralf Habacker wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > on in the headline of the
> > page i
> > can read :
> >
> > on Cygwin/XFree
> >
> > could somebody please remove at least the "XFree" or find a better
> > headline,
> > as this is about having a non-X11-dependant qt. perhaps it should read
> >
> > QT 3/Windows Free Edition
> >
> > or similar.
> Thanks for this pointer.
> Because  the "on Cygwin/XFree belongs to "the K Desktop Environment" i have
> changed it to "on Windows."
> A relating thread initiated by this remark was that I thought about, what
> the people on this list think about, if it is better leave the native qt
> port under a kde cygwin related project (which will everytime implies that
> this qt port has to do with cygwin and or XFree) or to place qt3-win32 into
> a separate project on sourceforge. We could use for example the inactivated
> qtwin project of Dave Bronsema, which would give an ideal home. The same
> could be done for a native kde.
> Any comments ?
well, perhaps we could also try to get some space on the main kde cvs server 
and some webspace, so that windows is only one more platform, where kde runs 
on. until then i don´t think it is worth the work to split the qt cvs sources 
up into 2 repositories. the coolness of qt is, that you only have one source 
tree and you can make it run on all platforms.

on the other hand it would be quite useful to let point directly 

> Regards
> Ralf
cu Holger

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