Incomplete instructions for compiling QT3-win32

Tony Cappellini tony at
Thu Jan 13 00:10:36 CET 2005


I've just tried following these instructions, for compiling under MSVC 6.0

By default I had installed the sources in a path which
spaces in the path.
When I tried running configure.bat, the following error message was

Makefile.win32-msvc(217) : fatal error U1087: cannot have : and :: dependents for same target

When I had moved my source tree to a path which does NOT contain any
spaces (ie C:\qt-3), the project compiled fine.

It would be helpfull for others who follow to know about this problem with
the MSVC compiler.

If you could post this information to the above url, or give me the email
address of the appropriate people, I will notify them.



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