porting kdepim to cygwin

Thorsten Staerk thorsten at staerk.de
Fri Jan 7 11:41:58 CET 2005

Hello List

I am porting kdepim to kde-cygwin according to 

I see the following problems:

1) when installing with the cygwin setup from 
http://kde-cygwin.sf.net/install, I cannot get the kde-admin-patch. The error 
message is "Can't open (null) for reading: No such file", later "Installation 
incomplete. Check c:\cygwin\var\log\setup.log.full for details". In this 
file, I find 

2005/01/07 11:15:46 mbox note: Can't open (null) for reading: No such file
2005/01/07 11:16:47 Installing file://C:

I guess this installer has to be fixed.

2) yacc is needed for building kdepim. To my understanding, I cannot compile 
it myself in cygwin and use it, because it creates native Unix binaries. Is 
that correct ? How do I get yacc best ?

3) kdepim from KDE_3_1_4_RELEASE states it requires automake>1.6.1, but it 
checks that automake is 1.6 or 1.7. As setup installs automake 1.9.2, I 
change 1.7 to 1.9 and it works. Has anyone a more elegant idea ?

4) I spent the last 6 months figuring out all this. I did not know about the 
existing documentation. I went to http://kde-cygwin.sf.net and clicked on 
"FAQ", then on "main problems". The answer of the system contains 4 php 
warnings. Then, I clicked on "KDE 3" and found only "kde3:screenshots" with 
no screenshots at all. So, I guessed the FAQ section is broken and did not 
look there any longer. My proposal would be to replace "kde3:screenshots" by 
"click to a menu above to find answers to your specific question". In this 
case, no one would stop searching there.

5) I did not find out where to subscribe to this mailing list. Clicking on its 
name only brings me to http://osuosl.org/hosting/mirrors

Here is my URL where I describe how to port karm from kdepim to kde-cygwin:

*** Thorsten

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