incremental linking speed up link time very much

Simon Rutishauser simon.rutishauser at
Wed Jan 5 22:25:50 CET 2005

On Wed, Jan 05, 2005 at 10:19:50PM +0100, Andreas Hausladen wrote:
> >5 seconds seems to be the best case when changing only code in a method. 
> >The really needed time depends on the amount of changes, but I cannot say 
> >how. :-)
> >
> Ever tried the Borland compiler? Borland's linker's name is "Turbo 
> Incremental Link" and the turbo is really a turbo. Changing one file 
> costs only less than one second on my computer (3GHz).
> My last test with bcc32, msvc and gcc showed that Borland is still on 
> the top of the fastest compilers. But as the mass uses msvc a msvc 
> Qt3/Win32 is more important than a bcc32 Qt3/Win32.

Last time i tried bcc32 (quite a while ago) the GUI things didn't work
at all - only uic/qmake and similar worked. Should this actually work


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