incremental linking speed up link time very much

Andreas Hausladen Andreas.Hausladen at
Wed Jan 5 22:19:50 CET 2005

>5 seconds seems to be the best case when changing only code in a method. The 
>really needed time depends on the amount of changes, but I cannot say 
>how. :-)
Ever tried the Borland compiler? Borland's linker's name is "Turbo 
Incremental Link" and the turbo is really a turbo. Changing one file 
costs only less than one second on my computer (3GHz).
My last test with bcc32, msvc and gcc showed that Borland is still on 
the top of the fastest compilers. But as the mass uses msvc a msvc 
Qt3/Win32 is more important than a bcc32 Qt3/Win32.

I hope I will have much more time this year for Qt3/Win32 than I had in 
the last 4 months.


Andreas Hausladen

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