LyX needs help: Broken font metrics computation

Michael Schmitt michael.schmitt at
Wed Jan 5 18:20:36 CET 2005


> Michael, a quick question: are you sure of your test program?

No, I am not sure. I just tried to create the smallest possible test case 
that does not crash and produces some "reasonable" output. To make sure we 
are not hunting a phantom, we can use the Qt example "examples/drawdemo/" 
and inject the code of the test case.

> While
> googling I found a message saying that asking for a font metrics
> without a properly set QPainter was asking for trouble... Shouldn't
> you use one?
> Also, is the "times" font that you use a truetype one? I ask because I
> found the following change in qt 3.3 here
> * QFontMetrics: (Windows only) fixed QFontMetrics::boundingRect(
>   QChar c ) to work for non-TrueType fonts
> I am not sure what it means, and I have not been able to find this
> information on trolltech's site.

Me neither...


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