Qmake hangs on cygwin

Jeff Morrow jmorrow at jmorrow.org
Fri Sep 24 10:15:35 CEST 2004

Hi there.  Over a year ago, someone posted a problem (Subject: QT3 Win32 
compiling problems) where qmake was causing cygwin to hog the processor 
and do nothing.  I am seeing the same problem.

I'm running Win XP, latest service pack.  I installed both cygwin and 
the qt packages simultaneously via the cygwin setup.exe.  Tried cleanly 
reinstalling cygwin several times, no help.  The original post suggested 
a binutils patch.  Is this the same binutils patch that's listed under 
the KDE-3-devel category in the cygwin installer?  Because I tried 
installing that, and it didn't help.

On my computer at work and on my laptop (similar setup, Win XP, latest 
service pack) it worked fine.  Any ideas?

Jeff Morrow

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