Minimal KDE+Cygwin for Windows?

Vinod Gupta vinod at Princeton.EDU
Tue Sep 21 02:45:14 CEST 2004

Sorry, but I don't understand why we need two desktops for
one OS? Most common scenario in most organizations is Windows
XP on personal laptop and a powerful Unix work horse in some
remote server room.

While most people are happy to navigate Windows with the native
XP desktop, they are sorely lacking a decent environment for
interacting with Unix. Rather than having another desktop (KDE)
for Windows, I would like to run KDE on the Unix server which
already exists there. I would like to have the second desktop
on my laptop which connects me to Unix, not the local XP.
I think having a local KWIN Window Manager is OK but the whole
KDE-for-Windows would be an overkill.

Can some one suggest what minimum software I will need to
install on my laptop? I mean which packages apart from X11, ssh
and base package from Cygwin? I guess I need to pick only a few
more packages from Cygwin and KDE for Windows. Exactly which ones?

Thanks for your help,

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