[PATCH] mostly for configure and qmake

Peter Kuemmel kuemmel at coffeelogic.de
Sat Sep 25 14:00:11 CEST 2004

Christian Ehrlicher wrote:
> - removed config-option 'fast' since I don't know if this ever worked
> and if is really that much faster...

'fast' works! and avoids generating unnecessary makefiles (dsp, vcproj)
for /examples etc. If you just want to configure your qt-library-build
or just change your library makefile is really faster.
I think you should not remove it, it's a original TT option.

Is the 'no-exceptions' option working?  Several weeks before it was not supported.
For the ms compiler 7 and 8 (Toolkits) you'll also need the /EHsc option.


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