License and copyright iussues (was: qwindowxpstyle.cpp)

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Fri Sep 24 12:57:36 CEST 2004

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> > I've asked for this problem but nobody answered... :(
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> > Christian
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> What does the " or QPL" mean in practice:
I'm not very familar with licensing questions and since the
qt-x11-free-package is dual licensed, I thought we maybe also *must* dual
license our work when we use x11-free. But it was only a suggestion and I'll
put in the final license when we've created one.
What to do when more than one person worked on a single file? Is it useful
to say who worked on which function or is it enough simply put all people
worked on this file in the header? Or should it then simply licensed to 'the
kde-cygwin team'?


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