KDiff3 with Qt3/Win32 basically works

Joachim Eibl joachim.eibl at gmx.de
Fri Sep 17 22:54:24 CEST 2004

On Thursday 16 September 2004 08:17, Peter Kuemmel wrote:
> The binary release is several months old.
> Maybe the actual 3.1 code is better.
> Especially the wrong window captions could be fixed in the actual 3.1
> version.
> You could try it with a actual cvs checkout.

I tried QT_WIN32_3_BRANCH. Compilation with VC6 required a small change in 
     type& operator[]( int i ) const
         { return (type &)(*(type *)QGArray::at(i*sizeof(type))); }
+    type& operator[]( unsigned short i ) const
+        { return (type &)(*(type *)QGArray::at(i*sizeof(type))); }
+    type& operator[]( unsigned int i ) const
+        { return (type &)(*(type *)QGArray::at(i*sizeof(type))); }

Fontselection worked now. (Very good!)
The windows-captions with previously "corrupted" text showed no text at all.
For some reason the program used 90% CPU all the time.


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