KDiff3 with Qt3/Win32 basically works

Peter Kuemmel kuemmel at coffeelogic.de
Thu Sep 16 08:17:59 CEST 2004

Joachim Eibl wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm author of KDiff3 for which a Windows-version also exists. (Usually created 
> with the commercial Qt version because using the GPL-Qt3-port didn't work.)
> Today I once again tested your GPL-Qt3/Win32-version and KDiff3 compiled and 
> worked! (I used the precompiled binary package for VC6.)

That's great!!!
> Except for the fact that I wasn't able to select a monospaced font, which is 
> important for KDiff3, the other issues are rather minor.
> - Disabled icons are invisible.
> - Some window captions are wrong.

The binary release is several months old.
Maybe the actual 3.1 code is better.
Especially the wrong window captions could be fixed in the actual 3.1 version.

You could try it with a actual cvs checkout.
The win32 port also supports vc6:


you just have to set some environment variables and run configure-msvc.bat.
(Use the more complete 3.1 version: QT_WIN32_3_BRANCH)


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