[Kde-cygwin-cvs] Compilation errors

Raul zomps at mail.astar.ee
Tue Oct 26 15:28:48 CEST 2004

maybe its failing with qt-3/misc/configure/main.cpp
while mingw needs
void const buildMakeSlow
void const buildMakeFast
void buildMakeSlow()
void buildMakeFast()

Raul Metsma

Christian Ehrlicher wrote:
> Hi
> Iit would be nice when you append the error messages so we can see what's
> going wrong. Imo only one patch is needed for linking qt.dll. But as I
> understand you, you've got problems earlier.
> I maybe should upload the patch until MinGW-people add the needed function
> to libgdi32.a ...
> Christian
> btw: Please use kde-cygwin at kde.org and not sf.net - cvs list.
>>I download sources from cvs. I use compilation instructions from 
>>http://kde-cygwin.sourceforge.net/qt3-win32/compile-mingw.php page.
>>I got severals errors when I launch configure.bat
>>There is patches to apply before launching script? 
>>I use :
>>- MinGW-3.1.0-1.exe
>>- Windows XP Pro
>>- CVS QT-3 source
>>Jean-Michel Caricand  

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