QListView glitches, drag & drop not working

Chris January chris at atomice.net
Mon Oct 4 21:43:07 CEST 2004

> single selection glitch:
> select a single (not the first) element. it works ok.
> But if you doubleclick on the same element (a few times)
> then the element above the selected element is erased and it 
> disappears.
This may be related to various bugs in widget repainting.

> multiselection glitch:
> press the left mouse button over an element, keep it pressed 
> now press SHIFT and keep it pressed and move the mouse 
> downwards over the items. They get selected but most of them 
> get erased and only the blue highlighting remains (without 
> the item's text).
There are known problems with text highlighting that should be fixed in the
near future.

> I know that Qt-win32-gpl is a work in progress, so if 
> drag&drop is not implemented yet no problem, I'm just trying 
> to report my feedback.
Drag & drop is known not to work at present.

Thanks for your bug report. As you say Qt-win32-gpl is work in progress but
we do intend to fix all these problems.


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