QListView glitches, drag & drop not working

Benno Senoner sbenno at gardena.net
Mon Oct 4 20:43:49 CEST 2004


I tried to write a small app on qt-win32-gpl but it shows
several problems while working fine on Linux.
I prepared a small tgz example app so that you developers
can track the problems.

here is the code:

I'm attaching the README I included in the example .tgz
which contains the code that triggers the bugs.

This small testing code triggers two bugs in the
CVS checkout 2004/03/10 of qt-win32-gpl
that are IMHO quite a showstopper for many apps, even
the smallest Qt apps.

Bugs triggered:
- glitches with multiselection enabled QListViews,
- drag & drop does not work

On Red Hat 9 Linux (Qt-3.1.1) the code works perfectly.

Windows XP SP2
mingw 3.10

to build the example do:

qmake make.pro


this should create testwidget.exe

it should represent the skeleton for a file browser
showing a source and target QListView.

The source QListView contains 100 elements (random numbers)
the QListView is set to SelectionMode::Extended that
way you can select multiple elements by using SHIFT or CTRL.
The elements from the source can be dragged to the target QListView and the are
appended to the end of the list.
(dragging from the target to the source is explicitly disallowed).

While the drag & drop works perfectly on Linux (you can drag a single
element or multiselect more than one element by keeping CTRL or
SHIFT pressed while selecting elements), qt-win32-gpl does
I don't know if drag & drop is not implemented yet in qt-win32-gpl
or if it's implemented but buggy.

The other bug is a visual glitch in the QListView which makes
it quite unusable when in Extended selection mode.

To trigger the glitch do the following:

single selection glitch:
select a single (not the first) element. it works ok.
But if you doubleclick on the same element (a few times)
then the element above the selected element is erased and it disappears.

multiselection glitch:
press the left mouse button over an element, keep it pressed
now press SHIFT and keep it pressed and move the mouse downwards over
the items. They get selected but most of them get erased and only
the blue highlighting remains (without the item's text).

For questions, suggestions, or if I should try further test cases
please let me know.

I know that Qt-win32-gpl is a work in progress, so if drag&drop is not
implemented yet no problem, I'm just trying to report my feedback.

kudos for the good work,
let me know if I can help in any way.


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