Can I add qt_win_use_simple_timers in qapplication_win.cpp?

Ole Jacob Hagen waterthrill at
Tue Nov 30 23:03:17 CET 2004


There might be a bug in the QTimer implementation on a busy system, that 
means that the timer events get lost. This is specially for Windows XP 
(timerEvent() doesn't get called.)

I believe that qt_win_use_simple_timers is a workaround for forcing the 
timerEvent() to be called.

Have anyone experienced the same thing?

A small summary is, quotation from

>A while ago I posted a message about losing timers on Windows. I was advised
>to set a flag qt_win_use_simple_timers to true. I did this and it appeared
>to fix the problem. I have subsequently found (again) that on a VERY busy
>Windows system timers are lost. The system is doing encryption, software
>decompression of image data (both CPU intensive), lots of disk access, and
>lots of network access.
Another one:

>A few days ago I posted a message about losing timers on a busy system. I
>have tested on NetBSD, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and XP and found that ONLY
>Windows XP seems to lose the timer (the timerEvent() just doesn't get

I don't know this variable has to be added, but here is some links:


Ole J.

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