qclipboard / qwinmime

Chris January chris at atomice.net
Mon Nov 22 10:19:20 CET 2004

> Hello
> At the weekend I started to implement copy'n'paste functionality for
> qt3/win32 (thx to qt3/mac-free). Currently it works with 
> normal text (CF_TEXT, CF_UNICODETEXT) but not with uri's or 
> images. If you encounter problems with this, please report it 
> to me or to bug #1059609 (bug #1069860 can be closed since 
> this depends on #1059609).

It looks like you've made some good progress with this. Well done.

> When is planned to release a first version of qt3.3/win32? 
> And how far is the opengl-support?

First planned release of Qt 3.3.3 will probably occur when:
i) Windows 9x support is working a bit better - font support is still broken
AFAIK, for example.
ii) Some of the more serious bugs in the bug list are fixed (e.g. the
problem with the QScrollView widget)
iii) There are no obvious 'glitches' in widget presentation (except for
vector text) in any of the example programs (there are still problems with
mouse-over effects, for example).
iv) We have a clear-cut list of what is and what isn't implemented (to
prevent spurious bug reports).


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