Cygwin installs and no multiwindow

Jim Scheef jscheef at
Wed Nov 3 19:40:03 CET 2004


I cannot get Cygwin-X with KDE 3.1 to run in multiwindow mode. This is the third time
I've reinstalled trying to get multiwindow mode back to working. (It did so once upon
a time.) What am I doing wrong?

After a complete uninstall. I reinstalled to a new directory as follows:

1.	Updated all setup packages on disk
2.	Changed the 'base' group to 'install' and ran
3.	Ran bash so I could run mkpasswd and mkgroup
4.	Changed 'X11' and 'Utility' to install and ran
5.	Run 'startx' and a single xterm window appeared in multiwindow mode - as
6.	Changed 'QT-3' and 'Cygwin base' to install and ran
7.	Ran 'rebaseall -v'
8.	Ran startx with no options and Cygwin desktop opened ok
9.	Configured the task bar and a few other things and logged off Cygwin
10.	Ran 'startx -multiwindow' and Cygwin desktop appeared at the last moment; no
Cygwin task bar showed but there was an Windows task bar icon for it (kicker), along
with the desktop and klipper

There are two threads on this topic in the archives. The older on suggests killing the
'kwin' process. While this does remove the Cygwin desktop, nothing else runs either.
The other thread is inconclusive as the problem miraculously vanished. I have not been
so lucky.

Please give me some clues on how to fix this and then let's fix it so it doesn't
recur. Since the problem is not widespread, the cause is likely some conflict on my
machine. How do I find it?


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