Qt 3.3.3 preview release

Chris January chris at atomice.net
Wed Nov 3 17:29:33 CET 2004

For parties interested in Qt/Win32:

I'd like to make a 'preview' release of Qt/Win32 3.3.3. This would basically
consist of a CVS snapshot and three binary 'developer' releases (i.e. dll,
lib, include files) for MingW, Visual Studio and Borland. The developer
releases would include an installer based on Inno setup (like previous

However before we make this release I would like to fix all the outstanding
rendering bugs and other 'niggly' things. There will of course be features
that aren't implemented but it would be nice to make sure everything we
claim works actually does work (without glitches).
I've recently been fixing some of the more noticeable widget bugs, such as
highlighting in text widgets and clipping during paint events. However
although the fixes are usually just one or two lines, finding the cause of
the bugs can be time consuming.

I'd appreciate some help getting the current CVS up to scratch, as it were.
There are two things you can do:
i) find outstanding issues and bugs in the implementation, however small For
example, mouse over effects don't work at present - the effect is not
cleared after the mouse leaves the widget.
ii) fix the bugs!

When you find an issue post it to the list or add it directly to the
soruceforge bugs database. If you want to try to fix a bug simply assign it
to yourself on the sourceforge bugs page and then hack away :) I'll be
adding the items in the TODO list that was compiled several weeks back to
the bug database in the near future.

I'm only interested in fixing issues in the existing implementation, rather
than implementing new features at this stage. Christian - how far have you
got in your network implementation? Do you think it will be ready for this


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