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Wed Feb 11 00:36:25 CET 2004

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Ralf Habacker wrote:
| This indicates that you have probably the gcc2 version of qt-3.2.3 or
| installed. KDE 3.1.4 requires the gcc3 of qt-3.2.3 named
| qt-3.2.3-3-gcc3.tar.bz2
~  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
BTW, you should know that this REALLY confuses setup.exe and cygcheck.
This violates the naming rules for packages, which has to be
PKG-VER-REL(-src).tar.bz2, where PKG can be one or more words (seperated
by hyphen or underscore) but EACH word MUST start with a letter, VER
(upstream version no.) must start with a number, and REL (Cygwin release
no.) must be only a number.

This is what happens when these rules aren't followed:

$ cygcheck -c qt-3-gcc3
Cygwin Package Information
Package    Version                                               Status
qt-3-gcc3  3-gcc3-3-gcc3-3-gcc3-3-gcc3-3-gcc3-3-gcc3-3.2.3-3     OK

And setup.exe wants to reinstall qt3 everytime I run it, because it
understands the version differently before installation than after, so
it always thinks the very same tarball is actually a newer version than
when it's installed.

In addition, you also have multiple versions of the same packages, one
for each version of KDE.

Most of the KDE3 packages will also have this problem, but I haven't
installed them yet (and this is one reason why).  The files need to be
renamed as such for setup.exe (and its users) to be happy (including a
release no. bump):

kdebase-3.1.4-1-gcc3.tar.bz2    ->  kdebase3-3.1.4-2(-src).tar.bz2
kdeedu-3.1.4-1-gcc3.tar.bz2     ->  kdeedu3-3.1.4-2(-src).tar.bz2
kdelibs-3.1.4-3-gcc3.tar.bz2    ->  kdelibs3-3.1.4-4(-src).tar.bz2
kdenetwork-3.1.4-1-gcc3.tar.bz2 ->  kdenetwork3-3.1.4-2(-src).tar.bz2
kdevelop-3.0.0-a8-gcc3.tar.bz2  ->  kdevelop3-3.0.0-9(-src).tar.bz2
qt-3.2.3-3-gcc3.tar.bz2         ->  qt3-3.2.3-4(-src).tar.bz2
quanta-3.1.2-2-gcc3.tar.bz2     ->  quanta-3.1.2-3(-src).tar.bz2

Unless you have the same versions built with gcc2 and gcc3, then they
shouldn't have to be in the file name.  If there are however, they must
be BEFORE the version numbers, such as qt3-gcc3-

For more information, please see <>.

I really do appreciate your work on Qt and KDE for Cygwin (I've ported a
few programs for Qt3 which are available at
<>), but this is one issue
that, when fixed, would make Qt/KDE much easier to use.

I hope this helps.

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