Cygwin Kdevelop no Hello World

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Tue Feb 3 23:26:42 CET 2004


I had the same problem. If you look at the end of the message, you see that 
the perl scrip "/opt/kde3/..../script" fails at line 3 with a wrong @INC 
variable. In fact, this varaible is defined in the same script as such:

The path is wrong. If you remove "/var/tmp/portage/kdevelop-3.0.0-r8/image/", 
it works (at least for me).

It seems to me that it's the same for other project-generation scripts. 



Le jeudi 29 Janvier 2004 15:17, Charles Repetti a écrit :
> Hello, Mr. Amilcar Lucas, and thank you for your response. I have
> enclosed a screen shot to help clarify my results. As you may see, there
> is no "new" option under file. Also, the script error in the message box
> came from the "Simple Hello World" option from the new project
> selection.
>  - Charlie
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> Charles Repetti wrote:
> >I installed KDevelop/Cygwin as per instructions. It looks great!
> Thanks.
> > But it
> >would not start a new hello world project. A script error was reported,
> Wich error? You have to be more precise so that we can help you!
> >and I could see no way to simply start a new file.
> File-> New  works fine here! :)
> Have fun,

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