Error while running Configure after creating a new project in Kdevelop -3.1.4

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Mon Feb 2 15:33:11 CET 2004

Hi Ralf,

I did not run the configure command from the Bash shell.
I chose the configure command from the Kdevelop  "BUILD" Menu.
First I got the KDE running by issuing "start &".
Then I chose the Kdevelop application and created a
New project. Then I tried to Build the project.
That was when I got the messages and finally the error which
I had mailed you.

Please find attached the "Config" file which was generated by
Configure command.

Please do let me know if you need any further info.

Thanks a lot for responding to this mail. Kindly help me
With this issue.

Best Regards,

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On Monday 02 February 2004 14:25, sabari.girish at wrote:
> I have installed the KDE-Cygwin(3.1.4 release) environment along with
> Kdevelop 3.0.0b1 release . In Kdevelop,I created a new project (the
> simple Hello world). While trying to "Run Configure" from the "BUILD"
> menu, I am getting the following messages below:

I have two questions

1. What is the last error reported in config.log ?
2. Does the related configure command run from a bash shell ?


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