Font stuff > 3.1

Peter Kuemmel kuemmel at
Sat Aug 21 23:16:25 CEST 2004

Hi Thiago,

>    what are exactly those "small corrections" you refer on files not
> *_win.cpp?
>    They should be exactly the same on all platforms, imho the only thing
> that should ever change from the porting project is *_win.cpp files, the
> rest should be left just as TT did it ;)

You  are absolutly right, qdir.cpp should not be touched - it was a 
quick and dirty solution, because the 3_2 branch is not up to date.

Changing qt_windows.h is ok  because it's not provided by TT
and in qglobal.h are only the same debugging marcos (qPortDebug) defined.


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