installation resources needed?

Joe W. Saphiloff JoeW at
Fri Aug 6 18:38:09 CEST 2004

While downloading Cygwin this morning I noticed:

*         Installation using the kde-cygwin setup installer

is mainly targeted for users with small cygwin/unix knowledge. There are
only minimal efforts needed to install a whole kde release with all
necessary cygwin/xfree packages/libraries in two steps. The first step is to
install a basic cygwin/xfree release and the second is to install the main
KDE packages, may be followed by additional kde packages. 
... currently no free resources available to proceed this type of
installation. If anyone is there who like to do the job, please let us know.

I'm an expert setup developer,and have some time here and there, and would
gladly entertain the notion of writing an installer ?
If you have this spec'd an/or have a requirements doc, I'd be happy to read
jJoe Saphiloff <mailto:japh at>  (eml - main)
jsaphiloff at <mailto:jsaphiloff at> 
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