QT/WIN32: VC Patches

Peter Kuemmel pi at coffeelogic.de
Mon Apr 26 14:47:27 CEST 2004

 >  Can you explain which code you have taken from this project ?


 > 2. I've seen some unicode relating fixes. There are already defined
 > One question: Are the unicode patches complete ?

no, they don't work

 > 5. I found some qt3.2 related os specific files.

must be a mistake, i've used the QT_WIN32_3_BANCH

 > is based on the QT_WIN32_3_2_BRANCH ?
 > You have answered this in another email in an manner,
 >that you are using qt3.3.1 from ???

yes, the above link

 > Makeing a full msvc port require some more work, because the recent 
 > process is based on unix like systems using sh and some more tools.
 > Additional there must not be any cygwin related stuff in the sources,
 > which  requires some more work.

As I understand it the port of Thiago is a full msvc port.

 > The best strategy seems to me to split your patch in three categories

Isn't it better better to start a new branch based on the 3.3.1 port of 
Thiago and moving all the code of the kde-cygwin port to this branch.


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