QT/WIN32: VC Patches

Peter Kuemmel pi at coffeelogic.de
Sun Apr 25 16:58:18 CEST 2004

Thiago A. Corrêa wrote:

> Well, looks like I don't need to send my patches anymore :o)

My port to vc is only a "prove of concept", not very systematic.
So there is maybe code that you have ported and I've not used, because 
I've  looked only at that moment into the wolfpack code when  there is a 
comiler or linker error.

The kde-cygwin port is based on version < 3.1 and the latest of wolfpack 
is 3.3.1! We can think about a port with gui of 3.3.1.

 > btw, the .dsp is not the most important thing at all ;
I don't have used your configure port (so  have to copy the " most 
importand" *.dsps):  this part could added  kde-cygwin.
I also used the moc generated of your port, I've not testet the 
compiling of moc with the kde-cygwin port.

The installation of your port is very comfortable, maybe you could help 
making such a installation of the kde-cygwin/qt port.


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