install impossible!

Alvyn Liang sacch.liang at
Thu Apr 15 20:50:44 CEST 2004

I think the reason gets the wrong message is the kde-cygwin does not have enough mirrors. Probably many people downloading using the
same port that cause this problem.
If you lost anything just make up what you've lost and continue the installation it shall be fine.

----- Original Message ----- 

> Funny message :)
> My problem is I can't install linux any more ! lol
> So as I did install many times years ago without any real problem i thaught
> it was working that way ...
> What is the problem with the download ?
> Many times if i try a complet setup (install options) the download is not
> complete depending on the server !
> Today with kde-cygwin setup it was complete (that's what i got as a final
> message but many things weren't install ...
> xfree wasn't and probably kde neither... i did the setup "default"
> Well maybe i try again one o these days...
> chears
> HG

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