Do I have to do another full installation?

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Wed Apr 7 08:18:01 CEST 2004

On Tuesday 06 April 2004 00:45, Alvyn Liang wrote:
> Hi kindly gurus,
> Please help me clarify this.
> I had a complete cygwin installation and an important add-on "boost
> libraries" added by myself. Last few days I was unable to install kde/qt
> into my my cygwin, thus I pursuaded myself to change the original folder
> name "cygwin" under D:\ drive to "cygwin_temp" and reinstall a new cygwin
> provide by URL: . I wish this
> full installation can do a good job.
> Can someone give me some advices about reinstallation? Is it safe to do a
> full reinstallation over the old "cygwin_temp" folder without disturbing
> the functionality of anything especially the boost library. Or, is it good
> if I do a full "reinstallation"? I found the cygwin installation machine
> has already created a folder named "cygwin" under d: drive without my
> authorization. Is it a standard procedure? I thought it should at least ask
> me whether I want the folder to be created. This is too automatic!!

When starting the cygwin installer the first time you have to select a cygwin 
root in which cygwin will be installed. It may be that this is preselected, 
but you have the change to change this. 

Moving the cygwin tree to another location is a nonstandard procedure and may 
give some problems. In any case it is necessary to update the mount table 
located in the registry. Open regedit and search for the term 'cygwin'. 


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