Do I have to do another full installation?

Alvyn Liang sacch.liang at
Tue Apr 6 00:45:57 CEST 2004

Hi kindly gurus,

Please help me clarify this.
I had a complete cygwin installation and an important add-on "boost libraries" added by myself.
Last few days I was unable to install kde/qt into my my cygwin, thus I pursuaded myself to change the original folder name "cygwin"
under D:\ drive to "cygwin_temp" and reinstall a new cygwin provide by URL: . I wish this
full installation can do a good job.
Can someone give me some advices about reinstallation? Is it safe to do a full reinstallation over the old "cygwin_temp" folder
without disturbing the functionality of anything especially the boost library. Or, is it good if I do a full "reinstallation"?
I found the cygwin installation machine has already created a folder named "cygwin" under d: drive without my authorization. Is it a
standard procedure? I thought it should at least ask me whether I want the folder to be created. This is too automatic!!

A confused newbie

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