What happened to my KDE?

Jelks Cabaniss jelks at jelks.nu
Sat Apr 3 00:04:42 CEST 2004

Ralf Habacker wrote:
>> Now the only question is why it won't install "kdenetwork-updates-3:
>> bug fix of KDE network package" (3.1.4-1-u2).  It's flagged, I
>> install, re-run setup, and it's *still* flagged -- it never "takes"
>> no matter how many times I install it.
> May be an installer problem. Please run the following command and
> submit the results
> grep "kdenetwork" /etc/setup/installed.db

kdenetwork-3 kdenetwork-3.1.4-1.tar.bz2 0
kdenetwork-updates-3 kdenetwork-updates-3-3.1.4-1-u2.tar.bz2 0


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