multwindow mode problem

David Strozzi dstrozzi at MIT.EDU
Thu Apr 1 07:42:25 CEST 2004


First, KDE for cygwin is extremely helpful!  Many thanks to its creators.

I installed KDE 3.1.4 today, upgrading from 3.1.1.  I could run KDe
'normally' via

startx &

but not in 'multiwindow' (all windows just normal windoze windows)

start -multiwindow &

I get an error, identical to one in a post from February by Trevor
(, where
the KDE
desktop 'takes up' the whole screen except the windows taskbar, and I
can't get any windoze windows to come to the foreground.

So, I wiped cygwin off my hard drive, made a fresh install, and
multiwindow worked fine.  For several times.

Then, I started 'full' KDE with startx &, and now the same problem occurs
with multiwindow!

Following Ralf's suggestion to Trevor, I looked to see if the process kwin
is running after KDE is done, and it is.  I kill it, and multiwindow works
fine, new kde progs start as windoze windows, etc.

But, why does kwin start?  When I run KDE with startx &, is that modifying
some initialization file?


David Strozzi

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